The Xone:3D is a unique performance DJ controller that for the first time enables the seamless integration of computer-based digital media into the traditional DJ workspace. Combining a fully featured, high specification professional analogue DJ mixer with a comprehensive MIDI control system and a high end multi-channel USB soundcard, the Xone:3D has been designed in conjunction with some of the world’s most cutting-edge DJ/producers.



4 multi-input stereo channels: RIAA preamps for turntables on 3 inputs; channel 1 is Line/Line
3-band total kill EQ: +6dB to off
2 FX sends: pre/post selection (internal on FX2)
2 stereo returns
Headphone monitor with mix/cue control: 3.5mm and ¼” sockets
2 analogue VCF filters: low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, resonance frequency, and filter ‘on’ switch
Assignable LFO with depth control
Mic input: On XLR connector; gain control and 2-band EQ control available
Power supply: High performance internal switch-mode supply
RIAA: for THREE turntables (four via internal jumper link)
Dual Rail VCA Cross Fader

USB SoundCard:

Uses 24 bit stereo Analogue to Digital converters and Digital to Analogue converters (not lower spec CODECs
Sample rate can be set to either 44.1kHz or 48kHz; interfaces to any digital audio source up to 192kHz
Soundcard fed from main mix, FX1, or direct from channels
8 channels – either 6 channels from a PC and 2 returns or 4 channels from a PC and 4 returns.
Sends – mix, FX, or individual analogue channels may be routed to PC or digital outputs

MIDI Controller:

Mappable MIDI controls:
105 MIDI control messages available
8 x 60mm linear faders
16 x detented rotary pots
10 rotary encoders, 50 switches, 2 custom jog wheels with micro switches
8 illuminated push switches
Multi-function jog wheels with switched navigation control
Xone:3D is compatible with any PC software that has MIDI assignable functions: for instance,
Lighting controller or visual effects programs

The Xone:3D ships with mains leads, USB cable, user guide, spare knobs & faders, A&H stickers, Traktor overlays, Ableton overlays